Fueled by intellectual curiosity and caffeine.

Raising questions to uncover insights. Turning ideas into business results.

Brand Management

Manage how the brand is perceived across all strategic touchpoints

Integrated Marketing

Design and execute integrated campaigns that deliver on marketing objectives

New Products

Conceptualize innovations based on consumer needs to drive business growth

Market Analysis

Deep dive into the market dynamics to identify threats and opportunities

"Her knowledge of brands and progressive thought process allow for an engaging approach to development. Jeannie has a sharp focus on the deliverables of each project and is a great collaborator due to her analytical and solution–oriented style."

- Matt Soto, Givaudan

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Science Diet Small & Toy Breed
Marketing, Campaign development & launch
GE Ecomagination Product Development
Global Survey & Concept Exploration
Softsoap Citrus Splash & Berry Fusion
New Product, Innovations
Philips Norelco Maximum Cutting Performance
Marketing, Campaign development & launch
Concierge Travel Client
Exploratory Research
Softsoap Acai Berry & Tropical Waters
New Product, Innovations
Strategic Gap Analysis


1. Discovery
Understand the underlying drivers of a project. Define the scope, objective, and timeline of a project. This step establishes common understanding amongst stakeholders.
2. Audit
Understand the current state of the organization and the market dynamic. This step identifies gaps that can drive potential improvements and growth opportunities.
3. Exploration
Conduct secondary or qualitative primary research to explore consumer needs. This step provides insights to ensure that the solutions are grounded on real consumer needs.
4. Ideation
Brainstorm on solutions based on captured insights. This divergent step provides possibilities that may not have been considered previously.
5. Selection
Pick the best ideas based on brand fit and feasibility. This convergent step ensures that the project stays within the constraints of the organization.
6. Validation
Conduct qualitative and quantitative research on solution prototypes. This step ensures that the solution delivers on consumer needs.
7. Recommendation
Provide clear recommendations to capture growth opportunities, based on consumer insights, feasibility, brand fit, and business potential.
8. Implementation
Devise an action plan. Manage the execution by working with relevant team members.

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